Welcome to Margaret's brand new site!

Some content for this site is reposted on Margaret's behalf from her facebook page where she is most active. (11-01-09 Update)

Who Runs This?: This site, as well as Margaret Downey's myspace profile, are being maintained by Downey's Rottweilers so that Margaret can continue to do what she does best. This effort is made possible by the contributors to the Rational Response Squad community, be it financial or otherwise. All members of the Rational Response Squad community will be able to log in with his or her name and password on this site. If you would like to be added to the newsletter (which you can easily remove yourself from, if you so choose) please create a login and password on this site. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us.

Margaret was thrilled to find out we created this website for her, as a surprise! She also has agreed to make this site a location for her blog posts.  See the blog of Margaret Downey here.  Her assistant, Chris, may also check in from time to time. While creative input and assistance for this site will be provided by Margaret Downey, the vast majority of the workload will not be reviewed by her. Please forgive us (as Margaret has agreed to), if we get a fact wrong or misrepresent Margaret in the slightest way. If you aware of an error please send the entire team an email here: Rottweilers AT MargaretDowney DOT com (one of us will likely answer).

Additionally, if we ever write anything on this site that deviates from how Margaret would address the issue, please excuse us and understand that Margaret Downey is abundantly more diplomatic, kind, and courteous than we are. We only aspire to her level of character, but at some point we are likely to act in a manner that does not coincide with how she would handle such a situation.

Currently, Downey's Rottweilers are working to make this site the most informative and up-to-date site about the life of Margaret Downey. Downey's Rottweilers are a team of grass roots activists from the Rational Response Squad.

Purpose statement:  We are compiling a list of the accomplishments of Margaret Downey. The list will be as extensive as possible and will include transcripts, audio and video of her past speeches and many appearances, as well as stories about her efforts and quotes from those that know her. She has made friendships with many celebrities over the years, including Trey Parker, Penn Jillette, and Richard Dawkins, to name a few.

Visit the Downey Library which is being built and which will soon house hundreds of articles about Margaret's many activities.

For posterity, here are the first two posts ever made on this site with supplemental information as to who is behind this and why we would be:

Sapient and Kelly surprise Margaret with a new website

Some reasons to register for MargaretDowney.com (the first post here)

Q. Who came up with the term Downey's Rottweiller?

A. Brian Sapient.

Q. Is Margaret responsible for the content of this website?

A. No.  We accept Margarets guidance and do our best to represent her as she would, we can't even come close.  Nor does she have the time to review everything.  With that said, she probably visits the site about once a day for at least 5 minutes and has a communication via phone with one of the admins at least once a week.  She also recognizes that we should advertise the network which hosts this site, including sites that have no connection to Margaret, she likely hasn't even seen them all.  What we give to her in time, bandwidth, dedication, and energy is much more than we receive for creating this site.  She never pays us a dime.  We do all of it for free.  We wouldn't even take her money. We know she draws no income, she does it all out of love, and so we follow her lead. 

She remains interested in this site, proud of it's accomplishments in it's short history, happy to see so many comments, and overall has a sense of elation that so many new people are finding out about work that is so important to her.  Work that consumes her, work that she has given up a career for, working for free as one of the best activists the world has ever known.  Does that clear up your misconception?  (see, that's not something Margaret would say)

The blog "atheistdiscrimination" is a collaboration blog of Downey Rottweillers.  Margaret doesn't post in that blog.  Margaret is blogging here when she has time.  We may convey points of interest via Margarets blog on her behalf.  For example, here we blogged on her behalf that the DVDs for the AAI 2007 convention are available.  We also blogged on her behalf here, when she sent out a bulletin looking for AAI convention pictures we posted the story to her blog. 

Anonymous members are allowed to post without registering however comments are moderated.  We do this to keep out spam and trolls.  If you have a differing viewpoint please direct it kindly and it will be posted.

Special thanks to: Sally Cramer, Lunar Shadow, Zombie210, Achilles308, AtheistAvi, ShaunPhilly, Gizmo, Chris (Margaret's assistant), thaiboxershorts, Former Follier, j6a6s6o6n, MarthaSplatterhead, Bumbklaat,  Entomophila, Jake, MorseCode, Rich Rodriguez, Roy Speckhardt, Albertfishsticks, Renee, Comedy Jesus, Duncan Crary, August Brunsman, Hemant Mehta, Herb Silverman,  Matthew Chapman, Evolvefish.com, Stuart Bechman, and anyone else helping, aligning with Margaret Downey, and who encourages atheist unity.

Site host: Brian Sapient

This website is a compilation of all works involving Margaret Downey. It is being created following the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Material as well as other Fair Use content. Certain materials are included under the Fair Use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law. If you repost material from this site, please show us as a source.

I am so glad that bitch lost in supreme court against the boyscouts I am an eagle scout and she and that case are a disgrace to a truely divine and awe inspiring community of people. you atheists have no right to attack anyone who believes in God. your nothing but a disease and a cancer upon this great nation and other nations around the world. it's because of people like you that our children are having children of their own, it's because of you that my land was taken from my people but the thought of you all spending millions in our casinos now is so damn hilarious. Anyway, God Bless all of you and may you find the way to God cause he loves each and every one of you :)


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