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The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia erects its Tree of Knowledge display in front of the Chester County Courthouse in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Filmed as part of my forthcoming documentary on atheism. See more interviews and additional footage on my youtube channel or at


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Margaret Downy, Now why do you have to disrupt a Holiday that has exsisted before you and I did? If you want to place your tree of knowledge up do so on a different day. Christmas is Jesus' birthday, the Son of God almightys birthday. The whole world celebrates it. God's son shouldn't have to share His birthday with someone whose main intent is to take the focus off the truth of what Christmas is. Christmas is Christ. This free thinking crap is absolutely obsurd. God gave us the ability from the time we are in the womb of our mother to be thinkers. What we choose to read is our own choice. I don't have to force my choice on you so don't force your choice on me. God gives us the freedom to choose as he did in the beginning with Adam and Eve. Unfortunately after Lusifer decided he wanted to be smarter than God, he was simply thrown out of heaven with 1/3 the angel (now his demons) at the time Adam and Eve were sinless. But Satan came along and fed them lies. You see Jesus gives us authority over satan, but the way he gets from out from under our feet if through our minds. He feeds you lies like, he did with the lies to Eve that enticed her and then Adam to think that if they took from the tree of knowledge they'd be smarter then God. So here you are today Ms. Downy trying to tell people and that poor older woman on your video that the tree of knowledge is all you need. Don't you see that Adam and Eve realized they had sinned and God dressed their bodys that didn't need to be prior to their sinning. And now we as people have to die. But God made a way to live for ever and not through the tree of knowledge its through the one who was nailed to the tree for our sins, so we could have a relationship with God. We were made in the beginning to have a relationship with God and today we are still in need to fill an emptyness that can only to filled by the God we were created to have a relationship with. But, we can only do so if we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts, and ask forgiveness. You see the Bible is the infallible truth, try to dismiss it and you'll only find out it will you were misled. When you stand before God and try to tell Him you were misled will not excuse you to go to heaven. He is a righteous God and will not turn from His word. If you've stolen before, your a thief. If you've looked at the opposite sex with desire, you've committed adultry in your heart. If you've used the Lords name in vain, you have blashphemyed God. And if you were in a court room you would be guilty. You would be sentenced to hell. But if Jesus who paid the price for your sin is in your heart then Jesus will walk into the courtroom and say Father, "its o.k. I know this one". And the Father will forgive you and you will go to heaven. Where will you go when you die? Are you going to continue to take a chance with believing there is no God or continue to believe in false Gods or are you going to play it safe and pursue Jesus. Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, but through me". Challenge Jesus and I guarantee He will prove to you that He is who He says He is. Signed, Born Again

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