Tree of Knowledge battle in West Chester

Carol Everhart Roper has all the details on the Tree of Knowledge this year, here is a snip:

West Chester, PA is a lovely, historically important town. Some years back, Newsweek voted it as one of the top ten small towns to live in. I live here, and I understand, and agree. It's really a wonderful place, most of the time.

You might recall that this is the courthouse building which proudly displays a bronze Ten Commandments plaque by the front door - and won a legal challenge by closing that door to traffic and calling the plaque 'historic' not 'religious'.

It's also the birthplace of the Tree of Knowledge winter holiday display. The ToK has been a symbol of non-theist participation in the holidays, and as such, has given non-theists and other believers who treasure learning and knowledge a public representation of their own.

Sadly, however, the Christian Right in this town have organized behind a former Commissioner to get the current county council to pass a resolution which would make the community holiday display become the commissioners' choice display.

Sign the petition and read the entire story here.