Surprise Margaret!

Here is a picture of Kelly and me with our adopted mother, Margaret Downey. downeyslap

We had just returned from Margaret's house last Tuesday night (Oct. 2, 2007) after being part of the amazing weekend that she hosted as President of Atheist Alliance International.

We have grown closer to Margaret than ever before. We have known her for quite some time and have followed many of her moves. It was about 6 years ago that I volunteered my time and expertise to help Margaret improve her presence on the web. At that point, Margaret felt that she was not yet ready to utilize me in that manner. I had told her several times in the past that I was convinced that more people would be behind her if they could get to know her.

I have always been astounded and extremely impressed with every aspect of her, including her approach to atheism. In my opinion, she is the world's most important atheist. And, with help from the subscribers from the RRS community, we were finally able to dedicate some of our activist time to her; the legend that is Margaret Downey.