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Hey, this is Brian Sapient here posting some views from Margaret to her blog. I should take this moment to inform you that to the best of my knowledge Margaret hasn't blogged on this site and she currently uses her facebook page to communicate with people. A few supporters and I have posted her views to this site on her behalf with her permission.

I recently approved a comment to be posted on this site that I found to be hateful, but indicative of the type of behavior I've seen from "True Christians" over the years. I don't like comments of this nature to go without a response as an uninformed reader may be led down the wrong path. I asked Margaret to comment and the following is the comment and her response.

Original comment:
I am so glad that bitch lost

Submitted by Modious on Fri, 2009-01-30 22:26.
I am so glad that bitch lost in supreme court against the boyscouts I am an eagle scout and she and that case are a disgrace to a truely divine and awe inspiring community of people. you atheists have no right to attack anyone who believes in God. your nothing but a disease and a cancer upon this great nation and other nations around the world. it's because of people like you that our children are having children of their own, it's because of you that my land was taken from my people but the thought of you all spending millions in our casinos now is so damn hilarious. Anyway, God Bless all of you and may you find the way to God cause he loves each and every one of you :)

Good morning, Brian,

The message is typical of an uneducated person who has no facts or detailed information.

My case never went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court case was Dale vs. Boy Scouts of America. In that case Mr. Dale forced BSA to disclose that they had been taken over by right wing religious fanatics who reaffirmed their bigotry against gays and atheists by declaring themselves a "private" organization.

In the eyes of the gay and atheist community, it was BSA who lost. Now they must act like a "private" organization. They must not accept public/government gratuities. As a private organization BSA can not use government buildings or public schools unless they pay. BSA can not recruit through the public schools through classrooms, school officials or teachers (neither can the KKK). BSA is not entitled to receive community/unallocated money received by the United Way.

Concerned citizens all over the country find BSA entanglements and object to any special treatments they get. We protest them at every turn if they try to portray themselves as a public organization.

I laughed out loud when I read the comment that its the fault of the atheist community that children are having children. In actuality, it is strict religious dogma and the unrealistic attempt to suppress the sex drive in adolescence that is to blame. Religion advocates a lack of scientific information. To speak of sex is sinful, yet doing so could prevent many unwanted births. It is the realistic atheist who holds the key to prevent, through education, the birth of children by children. For more conclusive date, see the work of Gregory Paul at:

To live a happy and fulfilled life, we atheists do not need blessings from any person or invisible God figure. "God bless you" sentiments are senseless to us. Our recommendations to those who waste their breath on platitudes and silly sentiments is to use your energy to improve the condition of your fellow humans by helping end discrimination, advocate for sex education and promote scientific knowledge.

I want the love of every man, woman and child -- not a fictitious God. Obviously, the Eagle Scout who took the time to wrote that I am a "bitch," "disease" and a "cancer" on this earth shows that he has never learned to love his fellow human brothers and sisters. This is the mental handicap that will stop social progress and what is advocated by the now private Boy Scouts of America. A very sad testimony to its founders.

Margaret Downey

Margaret has far more patience and a lot more class than I'd have had in answering such an ignorant, hateful message!

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