Looking for 50 good men. (atheist activist call out)

Disclaimer: The title of this blog is a parody of "a few good men." It is in no way meant to lessen the effectiveness of female activists.

In the last year I have received hundreds of emails and comments from people asking how they can help. My suggestion was always to use our forums and participate in the projects that you see come up from time to time on our forums. For those who are curious, most issues of importance come up in our alerts section. Here is a feed to our alerts section for your RSS reader

I have a new suggestion for those who want to help, and I've had recent success putting together a crew. Much of the work I do requires having not only knowledge of the issues we are working on but also advanced knowledge of the internet. Before I waste any more of your time, if you don't have at least 5 hours a week to help for a long period of time (like for at least a year) then you don't have the time to make it worth training you. Please don't take offense, I speak from experience, many have tried to keep up with me and they can't. I bust my ass behind closed doors, and feel like I need a total of 75 part time helpers to keep up with my level of activity. I've had past problems with getting helpers on board that took more time to train than the return on the training I received in work. Please keep this in mind, right now. If you aren't dedicated to helping with what may seem like menial tasks on a recurring basis, but are in effect responsible for big growth, please don't waste my time (by doing so, you may actually slow us down).

Because of time that I lost due to "training" people and along with security concerns, it may take a while to build my trust and the trust of our other volunteers. I am looking for dedicated helpers.

The ideal candidate is one who:

  • will use skype.
  • While not as mandatory as skype, you know how to access our chatroom and have a mic/cam.
  • Can work at least 10 hours a week, hopefully more.
  • Would be well versed in either video production, graphics editing, audio editing, drupal, and/or html.
  • Can work independently
  • Has a good idea on how to utilize internet to research issues.
  • Writes well
  • Dedicated to helping even if tasks seem small. (ie searching google, cutting and pasting info, data entry, etc...)

You need not have all qualities, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what we need. I am willing to work with all of you in a massive private skype area to work on specific projects to enhance our sites, draw in traffic, and work towards the progress we want to see made in the future.

If at any point we are able to develop paid roles for people, we would first pull them from this group of activists who will be putting in their time on a volunteer basis. Volunteers will receive special recognition and gifts when possible.

If you are serious about wanting a change, and you like how the RRS does it, this is your chance to work with me behind the scenes and make yourself feel better about making a big impact.

If you are interested, your first job is to get skype at www.skype.com. Please also feel free to bump this thread with your interest. In fact, if you don't have the time, just bumping this thread alone will be a help. It'll likely take me a year to build this crew, but when I do, it'll be a force to be reckoned with, that is for sure.

For those that have already been helping and don't have skype, please get it. We'll be using it more often to call on people to help, the instant a project comes up.

After you get skype search for "Brian Sapient." Do not call me, no microphone is attached to this computer, I can't answer. If you have never posted on our board and don't have someone we know that can vouch for you, please be prepared to take the slow track, including starting by posting on our message board. Basically we need to be able to be reasonably certain of who you are and your intentions before we ask for too much from you, I hope you understand.

If you even consider helping us in this sort of manner, please accept my thanks already.

Keep in mind that we currently manage multiple sites with the same name and password and hope to be bringing many more on in the future. Because of our support for Margaret Downey, we already have interest from two major atheist groups to merge. We are not opposed to helping to create the largest multi site atheist community in the world. And if we already are the largest multi site atheist community (I think we are), then we're willing to make it larger, and find the money to afford the server. Special thanks to Gizmo for footing the bill and spending tons of hours on our sites in the last few months.


RRS Network Sites

Your username/password will also work at these sites:

Coming soon:

Sites that would come on board if we had the time to help integrate everything properly (requires 5 good coders with time whom can be trusted):

Sites that we could probably get, have expressed interest, or would show interest as a result of support for Margaret Downey:
Many other Atheist Alliance sites may be willing to come on board.

If you found this post long or boring, this volunteer task is likely not for you. This request for help will be posted elsewhere online. If you feel as if it'll make a difference, please feel free to redistribute. If you found this elsewhere and you want me to see your comment, please post it on my blog post version of this.

In Rationality,

Brian Sapient
Rational Response Squad