Get Margaret at your Campus for free with SSA

The Secular Student Alliance Speakers' Bureau helps deliver influential freethinking speakers to your campus for free.  Please feel free to work with them to have Margaret Downey visit your campus.  We will then promote your Margaret Downey event to our large contact lists, just contact us.

These Freethought personalities have graciously offered to speak / present / debate on your campus

The speakers bureau works as follows:

  • If you are interested in inviting a particular speaker to your campus please contact the SSA campus organizer at [email protected]
  • The SSA can provide a few hundred dollars directly to the speaker for travel and lodging.  In most cases, your group won't need to pay a thing. If we're flying someone across the country to speak to your group, we might need your group to help cover expenses. Alas, we are unable to fund international travel with the possible exceptions of Canada or Mexico.
  • Each speaking request is taken on a case by case basis and subject to the schedule availability of the speaker.
  • We ask that you do your very best to advertise the event.  We are eager to help you with this.
  • We ask that you try to take some pictures of the event and give us a short write-up about it so we can publish it on our website.

The Bureau currently includes: