Recap of 2008 AAI Conference Meeting with Margaret - Long Beach, CA

I (Jesus--in the flesh!) met with Margaret and other committee members today to tour the site for next year's conference; The RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. As we strolled around the ship, we beheld the enormous 40's era ballrooms where the entertainment and sessions will surely take place. Yea, we were impressed. The QM is not just classy, it is also a ship where one could anticipate a lot of in-room celebrations where the wine flows. Trust Me, you'll need to sleep for three days after this conference is over.

Recovery from religion retreat in San Fran area Nov 16

Dr. Marlene Winell is holding a retreat in San Fracisco to help those looking for guidance with life after leaving religion.  Dr. Winell is considering attending the 2008 AAI conference at her own expense.  Thanks, Dr. Winell, for your hard work. We hope you have a successful retreat.


Looking for 50 good men. (atheist activist call out)

Disclaimer: The title of this blog is a parody of "a few good men." It is in no way meant to lessen the effectiveness of female activists.

Military atheists harrassed in Iraq by leadership

Thought you'd be interested in this report of the first-ever meeting of Atheist service-members in Iraq under the umbrella of the MAAF-Iraq chapter of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. This meeting was put together by the same young MAAF member who recently had his second letter published in the Stars and Stripes.

My conversation with Margaret - Convention recap

Thanks again Margaret for doing an interview in our movie, the entire film will be dedicated to you. Digg Reddit!



Response from Margaret

I got a response from Margaret in reference to yesterdays email which I posted in my last blog here. 

I love you and Kelly so much! Thanks for letting me adopt you both. Thanks also for helping me. I needed a good team--young, energetic, and innovative! That's you!
Your surrogate mom,

The first 36 hours of (recap for Margaret)

I just sent this letter to Margaret to recap some of todays activities.


Margaret Downey, Wonder Woman

Earlier this year, Margaret was at the top of the list of Philadelphia Weekly's list of people they love!

Vandals egg house of local atheist

From the Daily Herald 9/23/07

The home of a local outspoken atheist was vandalized overnight Friday, police said -- with eggs tossed at the house and cars, and crosses and religious words scrawled in chalk on the driveway.

A church bulletin also was stuck on the front door.

The incident comes days after Rob Sherman's daughter, Dawn, led a successful effort to have the song "God Bless America" yanked from Buffalo Grove High School's homecoming celebration. Dawn Sherman is a freshman on the student council.

Richard Dawkins supports Margaret Downey

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