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Orange County Atheist TV Show #18 with Margaret Downey

This show was recorded a few years ago, it features Margaret Downey when she was the President of Atheists Alliance International.

Tree of Knowledge battle in West Chester

Carol Everhart Roper has all the details on the Tree of Knowledge this year, here is a snip:

West Chester, PA is a lovely, historically important town. Some years back, Newsweek voted it as one of the top ten small towns to live in. I live here, and I understand, and agree. It's really a wonderful place, most of the time.

You might recall that this is the courthouse building which proudly displays a bronze Ten Commandments plaque by the front door - and won a legal challenge by closing that door to traffic and calling the plaque 'historic' not 'religious'.

It's also the birthplace of the Tree of Knowledge winter holiday display. The ToK has been a symbol of non-theist participation in the holidays, and as such, has given non-theists and other believers who treasure learning and knowledge a public representation of their own.

Tree of Knowledge links

The Tree of Knowledge was discussed on several blogs in the last few weeks. Here are some of the places it's been discussed:

Freethought Radio discussion with Margaret Downey about the Tree of Knowledge.

Richard Haynes talks about a hate filled Christian who blogged the Tree of Knowledge blog on The Tree of Knowledge

Hemant Mehta blogs Tree of Knowledge

sidenote: Margaret will be at Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County on January 24th.

Will atheist groups agree to a Unity Convention?

For several years Margaret Downey has been suggesting an Atheist Unity Convention in which many atheist groups unite to form a single convention in that year. Groups such as CFI, American Atheists, FFRF, AHA, AAI and others would get together for one big convention.

This weekend Margaret will try to get enough support from the host organizations to go ahead with this goal. If you would like to see such an event, you should contact the President of the organization you belong to and express interest.

Here are two articles about The Unity Convention:
Friendly Atheist on Unity Convention.
PZ Myers on Unity Convention
Staks on Unity Convention

Hemant on Unity Convention from 2008

Tree of Knowledge video by Gregory Walsh

More Tree of Knowledge coverage on this site:


Tree of Knowledge on Fox

Christ out of Christmas article featuring Margaret Downey


Information from the creator of this video:

The antithesis of a Margaret Downey story

I have Google Alerts set up so that whenever Margaret Downey is mentioned online, I'll find out about it.  Use of this function helps ensure that her web site remains the most up-to-date and is an accurate portrayal of Margaret and her work.  This particular Goggle Alert struck me as hilarious as it's as far from a Margaret Downey story you would ever think to see....

Accused drug dealer 'put pistol to man's head'
Sunshine Coast Daily - Queensland,Australia
Justice Margaret White said Mr Downey, who had five pages of criminal history including violence offences, was probably serving an extended suspended ...
See all stories on this topic

Recovery from religion retreat in San Fran area Nov 16

Dr. Marlene Winell is holding a retreat in San Fracisco to help those looking for guidance with life after leaving religion.  Dr. Winell is considering attending the 2008 AAI conference at her own expense.  Thanks, Dr. Winell, for your hard work. We hope you have a successful retreat.


Looking for 50 good men. (atheist activist call out)

Disclaimer: The title of this blog is a parody of "a few good men." It is in no way meant to lessen the effectiveness of female activists.

My conversation with Margaret - Convention recap

Thanks again Margaret for doing an interview in our movie, the entire film will be dedicated to you. Digg Reddit!



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