Billboard up in the city of angels...


LA Billboard

The famous "Don't believe in God?" billboard has now reached the other side of the country, going up in Los Angeles on "the 5" - heavily travelled Interstate 5 between downtown L.A and Anaheim. This sign is tagged with, in support of the Atheist Alliance International led by the irrepressible Margaret Downey. We expect tremendous support from the large and growing nontheist community of Southern California.

The ad provides an opportunity for AAI to promote their upcoming "Unsinkable Atheism" convention to be held September 25-28 on the beautiful and historic Queen Mary permanently docked in Long Beach, CA just a few miles from the billboard. We were at Margaret's 2007 convention in the Washington, D.C. area and it was positively amazing and inspiring. If you're in the L.A. area or willing to travel for a smorgasbord of top speakers and discussions in a fun social setting you should really consider attending. You won't be disappointed.

FreeThoughtAction continues to look for ways to work with existing organizations to raise the profile of freethinkers while building bridges within our movement so we can speak more loudly together. If you have an organization that is interested in putting up the billboard, contact us. And, of course, all contributions to FTA go directly to placing more ads around the country.