Recap of 2008 AAI Conference Meeting with Margaret - Long Beach, CA

I (Jesus--in the flesh!) met with Margaret and other committee members today to tour the site for next year's conference; The RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. As we strolled around the ship, we beheld the enormous 40's era ballrooms where the entertainment and sessions will surely take place. Yea, we were impressed. The QM is not just classy, it is also a ship where one could anticipate a lot of in-room celebrations where the wine flows. Trust Me, you'll need to sleep for three days after this conference is over. The QM represetnative mentioned that she would make sure everyone with the AAI would get a room with a inner cabins for the heathen athiests, premium rooms only! Margaret discussed some interesting ideas for entertainment and speakers. I pronounce that it will be an amazing conference. 

The committee went to lunch afterwards in one of the fine dining rooms, where the food was pricey but damn (forgive me Father) good. I command you to stay away from the pork sandwich on the Sabbath. Go to the pizza shop. Ask for Peter.

And, I say to you that Margaret is one of the kindest, motivated, classy, and productive people whom I have ever encountered. Among the things we laughed about were the ghost stories posted in a few places on the ship. These stories were probably due to some superstitious dummy in the 40's deciding that the creak in the elevator shaft, or joyous newlyweds' obvious enjoyment of their first carnal encounter (as I am sure they waited for the Holy State of Matrimony before they had sexual relations) that must certainly be reported to the Captain as the invisible soul of a poltergeist who loves to annoy people on cruises.

I (Jesus) will be meeting with Stuart Bechman, AAI's new VP who lives in LA, next week. He's a cool cat and highly motivated. At the recent conference, I learned so much and had such a good time that I almost laughed off My Holy Testicles. After today, I shall hold tightly onto My Testicles lest they be used as buoys for anyone who would fall overboard.

See you at next year's meeting... I'll be sending a friend as well - he'll be the guy with 2 of every animal. Hide your food.


Comedy Jesus