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"Margaret had found the fossils at Maxilla and Mandible in New York, chosen the color carefully, and created the awards herself.... The half-ammonite that makes up each of our awards is an exact mirror image of the other, because they are matching halves of one fossil sliced in two. It's Margaret's final poetic touch."

August Brunsman

"Margaret Downey is brimming over with creativity and initiative.  She is also quite possibly the best networker I have ever met--she has been instrumental in connecting the grassroots atheist movement with the "atheist heavy-hitters" like Julia Sweeney, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and many others.  The atheist movement is very lucky to have her."

Edward Tabash

"Margaret Downey has a marvelous ability to display enormous diplomacy and style in defending and promoting Atheism in a nation that is still so irrationally hostile to non belief."

Matthew Chapman

"What first hits you about Margaret is what an extraordinarily happy, almost blissful, light shines out of her. This is not the blissfulness supposedly brought on by ignorance, however, but, as one soon discovers, a kind of joyful intellectualism, a curiosity and sense of fun that unites her with others."

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