Panel Discussion at DCCC

Some exciting news:

I have been invited to be a panel member for a discussion happening sometime in Nov. or Dec. 2008 at the Delaware County Community college.
A professor of comparative religions there was 

very impressed by the article in the Philadelphia Weekly (Dec 19-25) which mentioned FSGP.
He is having a panel discussion in front of students and the faculty at DCCC and wants to give a voice to the atheist as well as the theist, and has invited me to represent the "atheist."

If it is a public event, I will let everyone know so you can come and hold up big que cards for me:) Just kidding, but it would be an interesting event that I would go to if it were someone else on the panel and not I.
Aside from an atheist and a theist, he is also inviting a Buddhist to be on the panel. I'm not sure if he's found a theist for the debate yet, or a Buddhist (although he said that he is a Buddhist so he may know someone).

The format will be a Q & A session with a few questions asked (Such as: Do we need a god and why?) and each panel member giving their response.

I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to work on my extemporaneous speaking skills, since it seems low-key. Best of all, after I agreed to do it, I learned that I will be earning FSGP a couple hundred dollars as well! (Coming out of DCCC's "Cultural Diversity" fund). I told him I am glad that he and the Cultural Diversity Committee at DCCC recognize belief systems as an aspect of diversity.

More details to come as they become available (if the event is public). Hopefully the plans will go through, as I am looking forward to it. If it's not public, I'll at least try to videotape it or obtain a copy if they are taping.

Greetings guys. I stumbled upon this site and wanted to say hi.

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