Margaret Downey, Wonder Woman

Earlier this year, Margaret was at the top of the list of Philadelphia Weekly's list of people they love!

Who's that woman dressed in colonial clobber clattering around City Hall? It's godless, she-devil Margaret Downey, the woman who once sued the Boy Scouts of America for discriminating against atheists. She was on a  crusade to ensure that Thomas Paine, the revolutionary, rabble-rousing Philadelphian, gots the recognition he deserved. Wait, crusade is totally the wrong word. When Downey was 4, she tore the head off her talking doll to learn how it worked. Nowadays, she regularly but (alas) metaphorically tears the head off the freedom-hating, truth-despising, woman-loathing, Christian and Taliban scumbags who want to turn this country into a theocracy, such as Afghanistan (only paved over with strip malls). Flirtatious, saucy and always impeccably dressed, Downey is an atheist/feminist/antiracist/author/publisher/writer and all-around super-righteous wonder woman. Visit any culture-war battlefield, and you'll find her on the right side of the barricades, glammed up to the nines, taking chauvinist names and kicking bigot ass. She is an atheist; freethinker; defender of the Constitution; free-speech activist; president of Atheist Alliance International; founder of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Anti-Discrimination Support Network and the Thomas Paine Memorial Committee; board member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Humanist Institute and the Thomas Paine National Historical Association; and is on the advisory boards of the Robert Green Ingersoll Museum and the Atheist Alliance. Phew. Is that enough? Are you in love with Margaret Downey as much as I am? You should be. She's the best of us. (Steven Wells)

(via Friendly Atheist)