Tree of Knowledge vandalism

Well, a very interesting thing happened today.

While Margaret has been trying to get in touch with the tree company for the past few days to arrange a time for them to take down the Tree of Knowledge and schedule that occurrence so we could remove the ornaments first, today the tree company took it down without telling us that they were planning to do so.

Thanks to the alert from member Staks Rosch, who had happened to be driving by and saw them cutting down the tree, who called member Shaun McGonigal, who then called me, we were fortunate and were able to reach the tree company before they disposed of our display in its entirety. I'm not sure if that's what they were planning, but we most likely would have lost the ornaments, which we plan to use again next year.

Upon hearing the alarming news of the tree being taken down without our knowledge (an interesting irony), I called Margaret who called the tree company right away. I left work and went to the Courthouse to see if the disassembly was still in process.

When I arrived and saw that not only the tree was gone, but our sign and spotlights as well, I was really confused. I hadn't thought the tree company would bother taking those things. Margaret was also alarmed when I told her this. When she couldn't reach the tree company by phone, she left at once to go their location of business.

Aside from the fact that they disobeyed our wishes and took the tree down without scheduling with us as they had initially agreed, Margaret informed the owner that the ornaments cost about $5 each to make, and that he would have to reimburse us accordingly if those ornaments were destroyed. The owner of the company agreed that they would take the ornaments off for us. Everything is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully this will go as planned and the owner will not go back on his word again.

Although we knew the tree company wasn't supportive when the story hit the Daily Local and they realized who they had gotten involved with, we didn't expect this. Although they made it clear on that day that they did not want their name revealed as the company who serviced us, we didn't expect it to go further than that. That was fine with us.

We had paid them in full on the day of installation (live and learn), and Margaret even sent them a beautiful thank-you book with pictures of the tree. Not only did they take down our display without our consent today, but they also told Margaret they will not take our business next year.

We will be filing this as a narrative with the Anti-Discrimination Support Network for documentation of just how atheists can be discriminated against.
Does anyone know a pro-freethought tree company? Just another reason it wouldn't hurt to try and buy an artificial tree for next year if we can afford it.

- Sally


Christians don't play fair. Welcome to our world.

*shakes head in frustration*

Cocogrrl :-)

you should post the name of the company so people can avoid doing buisness with them

Anonymous has a good idea, since they went and underhandedly vandalised the tree, it's only fair that their business is hurt by their bigoted actions, I say let's post the companies name and see how much less business they get.

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