Catholic Mother YELLS at son who tells her he's atheist. <explicit language>

I took the time to transcribe this disgusting aspect of religion, and how it divides families (scroll down):

Mother: You're an atheist. Give me a fuckin' break Michael. Alright, you know what? We need to start going to church every week, I've had it with this.

Michael: I don't believe in God.

Mother: Bullshit. You got yourself confirmed. And you said to the bishop!

Michael: Yeah, a lot can happen, you can think.

<mom interrupts loudly>

Mother: Oh a lot can happen! All of the sudden you can just quit believing in God!?!?

Michael: Yeah <still rather calm>

Mother: All of a sudden! There is no God! <we took a little grammar liberty here>

Michael: Yeah.

Mother: Well let me tell you, you want to know there is no god!! <mother stomps towards her son in a hostile manner spins his chair around and screams about 2 inches from his face> Then you're gonna get absolutely nothing!! NOTHING FOR CHRISTMAS!! CAUSE THAT'S WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT!!! IT'S JESUS CHRIST!!!

Michael: OK!

Mother: NO! IT'S NOT OK MICHAEL!! <now screaming at him from 2 feet away> It is not ok! You have....



I just got off the phone with Margaret and she told me she was moved by this video.  The anti-discrimination support network is designed to help people who have been victims of atheist discrimination. 

this brings back memories when i "came out" to my mother and told her THAT I WAS AN ATHEIST!!! SHE WAS PI$$ED OFF!!!!

are we supposed to believe this isn't staged?

christmas?! so like a mother to automatically jump to the punishment, and of course it's christmas. I swear mom's a frikin crazy and just yell random crap when you tell them crap like that.

yet again
i loled
my grandparents are trying to save me
the first time was when i was 3
i really hope i dont have to tell them im a overhuman now...

Try being an atheist and on top of that, gay.
Woo fun night THAT was after i told my mother...

Yes, we are to believe that this isn't staged.

- Sapient

Sapient V. Geller My other blog.

And I bet she (the mom) considers herself part of 'intelligent' life.

friggin retarded cunt

crazy b****.

I think its a real video. Poor kid though, I hope his mom wasn't too hard on him. Some parents force their beliefs on to their children. My parents did that to me and its not a good thing. She should let him find God or do whatever he wants his own way. Forcing her beliefs on him will only make him resent the church and his parents more. I'm not Christian or Atheist but I believe we should all be free to make our own religious or spiritual decisions.

I saw this some time ago and, I too believe it not to be staged. I agree with others who have seen it to be on the fanatical side of religious belief. That said, circumstances of home life can be obscured by other affecting factors: stress.

i am a father of two teenage children (one of each) and found many times that the old adage of age usually over sees anger (or patronisation). Alas, to be tricked like this is interminable. If i let my guard down like this then, not only would I be kicking myself, but to make a mental note of this to be brought up later and allow it to pass over without a sound; an Asian trick that works wonders. Once carried through the first time, a second time rarely occurs.

That said, my kids (boy and girl), know about my IT skills, my ability to watch what they are doing, be interested whole heartedly in what they are doing - academic or otherwise and applaud them for the good they do. Sadly, the mis-trust in this house-hold (for the parents to be filmed in a staged prank) is years old.

Re-affirm your wants and your priorities in life. The rest will follow.

I've let my parents know full and well that I'm a very staunch Atheist with a great deal of inspiration from Satanism and a small touch of Paganism, and they were fine.

This really reminds me of a lot...

As I was about 15 it was the same with my parents, even the arguments. Christmas is gone, Easter fest is gone. (Actually we celebrated that, because it was christus resurrection, wasn't it?)... a lot. However, my parents changed their view by time and somehow I got tolerant enough to handle christian people, like any other people. And (hopefully) so do they...

WOW , I must say I am so glad I was raised by Free Thinkers. My Folks and Grandfolks were all free thinkers, they believed in human power to think and decide for them selves to be in control of their own destiny, not some guy in the clouds that reeks down punishments of hell and damnation... (Oh yea and you can be forgiven if you just repeat a prayer or two) How silly own up to your mistakes and realize what you do effects everyone else. If everyone just lived by the Golden rule it would be a much better world.

Smile and know you love you !

You may as well just have declared you were Satan and be done with it. :P

This happend to me and my mother:

Me: Mom, I'm starting going to some christian meetings with friends!

Mom: You what?

Me: They're my friends, we have been long talkings, and I think that they have clever thoughts about ...

Mom: You don't have to think, you should follow great and universally accepted wise thinkers, don't you read the books? Don't you watch TV?

Me: But mom, you always said that we should think for our self, and should investigate everything. The book you gave me, says that scientific method must
not reject any proposed solution and investigate all of them. That's what I did, and discover what many wise man all over the world had already discover, everything
starts making sense if you consider a intelligent designer, who cares for everything and everyone...



they probably voted for bush :)

Yea, Mom..We celebrate Christmas for Christ. Just the Pagans did before we took the holiday and fucked it up.

Come to think of it..Does look staged....No it couldn't be.

I'm an atheist.

However, as an atheist I have a responsibility to be absolutely careful about believing _anything_ without applying my mind. I therefore have the following questions on this video:

* Who shot this video?
* How come the camera, the shooter and the convenient angle all came together at the moment of truth?

At another level, do mothers and sons use such language with each other? I'm surprised...!

Sierra Bravo

this doesnt looked staged...that sounds like my mother would say to me. nite telling both of those,'s funny,i told my mom i was an atheist after gay,so,i knew she'd be too focused on the gay to argue about god.


This rings true for me. When I told my father - 40 years ago - that I was no longer going to church because it was all so hypocritical, he asked me to spend the day thinking about my decision and all the moral and social repercussions that go along with it. I did, earnestly. And when he asked me at the end of the day what my decision was I told him my decision was unchanged. Boy did that set off a rage. He seemed all adult and concerned in the morning and all spit and venom at the end of the day when I did not confirm his belief as my own. And the funny thing is, my parents spent time and money to give me a wonderful education that pushed me to think and reflect. Love you too dad.

But there is another thing about this video that I find disturbing, beyond the obvious lack of respect and discussion. Why isn't dad saying anything here? Yes this is a short snip of an anger tirade and we don't know how it all works out but I think this family has deeper problems than the fact that a son is no longer interested in mimicking his parents religious rituals. Anger and abuse?

Michael, there are plenty of others out here just like you. We found love and fulfillment outside of the parental control realm. You will too. You may even be able to show your mother and father what real love looks like some day.
Best wishes

Don't have to be catholic to have this sort of reaction. Baptists will call down fire and brimstone, not just no presents for christmas. If he was a female muslim he would probably be raped and murdered for such a statement.

What I love the most is that she thinks Christmas is still about Jesus! If she doesn't see how it is an Americanized excuse for a holiday. I honestly would feel better not accepting presents from my mother just so I don't have to support either reason.

Christianity: Believe me, or I'll hurt you.

Funny and plain...


Damn I feel sorry for that kid. I'm NEVER telling my parents I'm an atheist now because my father would go apeshit just like that kid's mom is doing. I don't think that's staged either. Lots of religious parents BEAT their kids for not believing the same things they do.

Americans are FUCKING frustrating. "Coming out" with atheism? In Sweden, atheism is the norm, and the parent that behaves like that to her grown son would get a divorce from the husband/wife, and her son would not come and see her. Give me a break.

this is why i haven't told m parents yet
and my dad is a reverend
he is gonna be pissed

fortunately, as with any group of people who believe something, there are not only fanatics, but there are also conservatives; and better yet, balanced people. I find it distressing that anyone would judge all of Christianity on a few people who were doing it badly; it'd be like assuming that my (highly amusing) attempts to describe juggling through a practical demonstration were representative of all jugglers. Fortunately, I am not representative of jugglers, and that....Person is not representative of all christians. Many, yes, but not all. :) I believe the line went something like "they draw near unto me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me".

No, religion is not fucked up, and religion is not evil. It's religious fanatics that are. And people who are that impressionable by one or two encounters are just as terrible. Way to ruin religion for the rest of us. That poor child.

I'm so glad to have been raised by freethinkers.

Anonymous: Go Sweden!

yea...las summer i told my mother i was not catholic..told her i was wiccan (( Wiccan= pagan)) i really though she was going to react soemthign like that...but mom was like... uh....kay..just dont tell ur little cousins ok?
and i wa slike O.O *shocked*....uh..sure ma..!

lol XD but my dad.o well..that's a another story...

I love how christians speak of the Christmas holiday is if they follow it properly themselves. Christmas has become almost entirely about the exchange of gifts, and as an atheist, I think its everyones holiday now. If Christians would focus on the holiday for what it represents and not for what corporations have made it into, i might be able to respect Christians for being devoted in their faith.

What? That's not a Catholic mother. They don't even go to church every week. I think she should learn about Catholic/Christianity before she tries to teach it to her child.

That...and religion is not the real issue behind this argument. The mother'squestioning of 'this just happening' show's she doesn't know her son. Oh well, pray for them both.

I dont mind God,but some of his followers are creepy for sure.


Its a real video alright, I recognize that type of rage in a mothers voice, only something like declaring your an antsiest or telling mom you got your high school girlfriend pregnant generates that kind of anger.

Move to Norway, or Sweden... The US seems like something out of a bad horrorfilm.
What is up with having to "come out" as an atheist. It's just bizarre.
Religion is so 1800's. jeez.

thank you.
let's tell it like it is.
what a wonderful, loving Mother setting all the right examples in a clearly safe and stable environment.

re. re we supposed to believe this isn't staged?....

Are we supposed to believe you aren't another fundie?

Yet another reason not to be religious - you won't have to be around these angry religious idiots in heaven. OMG I just created a religious paradox. just kidding, there's no god or santa claus.

I am an atheist and my wife is agnostic. We get along fine, but her dad is insisting that we baptize our newborn. We told him that if that is something he believes in then fine, that should be a special moment between him and our son, but we would have no part in it. We will let our son make whatever decision he wants when he is older. Because this is America, I believe that anyone can believe or not believe however they want. Just as I don't criticize people over their particular religion, they have no right to criticize me over my non-belief.

Bullshit, your going for shock value because you know we are a bunch of atheists. There is no reason an atheist parent would do that.

i was talking with a friend the other day with a good, pregnant, christian friend, and it went a little something like this:

Preggo: i kind of have a confession to make... I have spent some time thinking about it, and no offense to them, but i really hope my kid isn't gay. i am already dreading the sex talk, and just don't throw that into the mix, you know?

me: yeah i know what you mean. if i ever have kids, i don't know how i would handle them being all religious.

"This happend to me and my mother:..."

Yeah, right. You can make things work out however you want when you make up stuff. But if you are a Christian, why do tell lies?

I find it to be quite funny that she mentions that "Christmas" is because of Jesus. People don't know the birth date of Jesus. In the Julian Calendar the 25th of December was Winter Solstice (IMO a much more important holiday than this "Christmas"). After they decided to hijack the original holiday the calendar was changed to the Gregorian and Winter Solstice became the 21st while "Christmas" was kept as is.

Now I don't know the math of how this came to be but it smells like a cover up to say that "Christmas" never came from Winter Solstice. N.B. Winter Solstice at this time was part of many Pagan traditions and religions.

omg.. she went crazy

i would yell back if I were him.
i'm an atheist, and when I told my mom she just started freaking out, but not in an angry way. just like in a creepy fundamentalist christian way. she started quoting bible verses like 'you raise up a child the way..' or something and i would just be like 'mom, i've been an atheist for like 2 years... you're freaking me out' then she would be like 'thats because hell scares you!' and i'd just get pissed and give up.

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