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Margaret Downey, Your Nurse!Margaret
Downey has been a critical thinker from early childhood.
Seeking rational explanations of how things work began
at age four when she tore off the head of her “talking”
doll to find out how the sound “Mama”
was made. The discovery of the “crier”
mechanism encouraged Downey to continue seeking knowledge
and exposing claims of the supernatural.

It is never too early to teach and advocate critical
thinking, and Downey enjoys answering tough questions
from children as they seek to understand the world
around them. The hope for further scientific advances
lies in the younger generations.

Margaret Downey is not afraid to conduct a television
interview sitting under a ladder. In 2002, talk-show
host Wally Kennedy of WPVI’s, AM Philadelphia
labeled Downey “The least superstitious person
in the nation.”

Ms. Downey collects information about superstitions
from all over the world. She is an interesting guest
for television, radio, and schools.

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