Margaret Downey Discusses Tree of Knowledge on Fox Network


Originally posted on YouTube by Ryokibin, who has a very nice write-up of Margaret's appearance on Fox news.

From: Ryokibin:

Atheist Margaret Downey verse Father Johnathan Morris. Of course this being on Fox with Morris, it is a one sided fight. The whole theme is "Atheist bad, Christan good"

Just because someone is not religious does not mean they do not have the same rights as you. I believe Father Morris misses that point a few times. He keeps trying to argue the point, this is Christmas time this is our time not yours, in going so far as to say, that all religions that celebrate any festivity during this time are celebrating the birth of Christ.

Now I am pretty sure the Father is not that misguided, or uneducated in the fact that other religions are not celebrating the birth of Christ. The Winter Solstice dates back as far as the Neolithic period, some 11,000 to 8,500 years before the birth of Christ.

To try to claim The Winter Solstice for just Christianity, well the good Father might want to brush up on his Theology, it is quite rusty it would seem.

But faux in their infinite wisdom not only showed how far from "Fair and Balanced" they are. They actually give the last word to Father Morris, while they sit their and praise his great argument against the atheist.

Ah, you would think that would have been enough for faux, but no! When answer emails at the end of the show in responce to the exchange, they bring Father Morris back, alone! From this point on they refer to Margaret Downey as "The Atheist"

The Tree of Knowledge actually finds it's place in most all religions in some fashion or another. In Judaism, Tree of Conscience, In Buddhism, The Bodhi tree. In Hinduism, The Tree of Jiva and Atman. Basically in every religion there is a Tree of knowledge in some form, hence why the atheist would choose such a symbol. One that all religions see as the same, on a time all religions celebrate.

It makes a lot more sense then Fauxs' war on Christmas view. Then again the leader of the war on Christmas is Bill'O who seems to think Christ was born 5000 years ago...

The Father rants at the end that atheist don't have the gift of faith. To the tune of Atheist need saved, and then they can worry about celebrating Christmas. Urgh who knows if thats what he said, my brain was too fried at that point to grasp what the heck he was talking about.

That was great. Thanks for all that you do!! I wish though that you might have explained to the priest that the church usurped the widespread solistice holiday and that the myth of jesus and other saviors being born on the solstice is a common myth.

the preist was so in favour of free speech he tried his best to talk over and shout down every time she tried to talk.

is that a taught religeous tactic because i see it a lot on tv.

What more do you expect of FOX? I think they are a subsidiary of "The xian Broadcasting Network"!

Or the other way around possibly....

In any case that was the most striking issue here. Morris ranted about free speech, with the caveat that "I would support you, except this is Christmas, so would you kindly leave it be."

I did enjoy his mention of the biblical tree of knowledge, and the contrast of that concept to the free thinkers' one. That comparison does not serve his side well.


Great job, Margaret! Your rational responses to the priest's annoying attacks left him flustered. Keep getting the word out!

He advocates learning, but doesn't even understand the true history of the winter solstice, how sad. This shows exactly why religion, and especially the Abrahamic religions, are detrimental to society.

Margaret you are by far the best atheist leader out there. I love how you present yourself, and absolutely love your website!!

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