Hate-based assault at Ryerson university, Margaret helps out

Hi all
I am sorry to have to report on an incident of a fairly serious magnitude that happened to myself and Peter two nights ago as we were postering Ryerson University around midnight for "God:  The Failed Hypothesis".  You can read the full report in the attachment here that was sent to the police, but here's the gist.
Peter and I were postering campus when two individuals saw what we were doing and took offense.  This led to a verbal altercation which finally culminated in a head butting which resulted in my nose bleeding.  We reported this to the Toronto police and on campus security.  The motive behind the assault was purely based on their belief system and my lack thereof, which in Canada at least should qualify this as a hate crime - actually the police just called and confirmed that that is how they are treating it.  This is perhaps the first anti-atheist assault in Canada, and certainly the worst hate-based assault that I've heard of on a university campus.  Lucky me. 
I struggled with whether I should let you all know about this incident.  I don't want any of you to think that this is a regular occurence when you're out defending atheism and freedom of speech.  It isn't.  I haven't heard of anything at all like this, and I've spoken with DJ Grothe and Margaret Downey, who catalogue incidents of anti-atheist descrimination.  Actually, DJ promptly e-mailed Richard Dawkins to ask him for his thoughts, since this is so unusual.  So please don't let this detract you from our noble cause - if anything, I hope it will embolden you by making it clear just how much our movement is needed and just how laughable the supposed correlation between morality and religiosity really is.   
I will work with Schreiber to send notice of this to relevant on and off campus media.  This will undoubtedly make headlines in the school papers at the very least.  Ironically, those bastards have, if anything, guaranteed us free press and some very well attended events. 
Please re-direct any anger or frustration you may feel in a constructive manner to ensure our activities are even more successful then they would have otherwise been.  That would indeed be the most effective means of revenge.