Film maker Michael Dorian writes to us...

Although I do not know Margaret Downey well, it seems safe to say that she is well dug into the trenches of atheism’s battle.  I’ve been an atheist for over 30 years (without a moment’s doubt) but just recently became involved with the non-believing community and our common causes.  Now that I know who the public Margaret Downey is, I feel like I know the Gertrude Stein of the 1920s Parisian literary scene.  Margaret is to atheism what Helen Gurly Brown was to early feminism.  Or what Rosa Parks was to the Civil Rights movement.  It is not just anyone who could assemble with such aplomb the true luminaries of “the atheist world.”.  It takes a person of indomitable will to herd this pack of cats, and someone possessed of a good degree of derring-do to accomplish what she has.  It is of immeasurable importance that we “are blessed with” people like Margaret who remain unfalteringly in the eye of this collective storm. 

Michael Dorian