Atheist officer resigns from military

Wayne Adkins(atheist) case of Army Discrimination: FULL STORY FROM WAYNE HERE

Here are some snippets of what Wayne writes, you can view the pictures at his page.

      One of the criticisms I received when I initially submitted my resignation and went public with my story of how the Army and the Army National Guard were discriminating against atheists was that I had not provided sufficient documentation for my claims. Part of the reason for this was that I was using a forum that did not allow me to post the documentation with the article. I wrote about it on American Chronicle’s site because they are part of a Google news database which insured wide dissemination of the story. Unfortunately, only a thumbnail photo can be submitted with the article which was not sufficient to provide the related documents. The other part of the reason was that I do not own a scanner and at the time had no screen shot software. I have since rectified part of that problem.

      I initially filed a formal Equal Opportunity (EO) complaint against Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum on August 15th, 2006 for disparaging remarks he made about atheists while addressing the NAACP about diversity in the military on July 18th, 2006. The Ohio National Guard Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, Chief Warrant Officer (CW3) Carmen Davis, signed for the complaint on August 15th and gave me a copy with my signature and hers on it. She forwarded it to the National Guard Bureau Equal Opportunity (NGB EO) office on August 18th and they signed for it on August 22nd.  More than six weeks went by without any response. I was told that because the complaint named a general officer it must be immediately forwarded to the Department of the Army Inspector General’s (DAIG) office. So I called them on October 5th.  They told me they had never received the complaint. They called CW3 Davis who told them that NGB EO had signed for it on August 22nd. They called NGB EO and NGB EO contacted CW3 Davis asking her to send another copy of it. Below is a screen shot of a forwarded email from CW3 Davis which confirms this.

Are you serious? It's amazing that in this day and age we can still be persecuted for our beliefs.

We need more guys like THIS GUY on our side. I love him!

Fine work, Lieutenant. I exited the Army in late 1991 - just in time. Basically, I joined as a sort of social experiment, and I learned a lot. A lot about social hierarchy, bigotry, laziness and an amazing ability to not see obvious problems.

All in all, it's taught me how to "play the game" in the civilian world, as well. But....since this is YOUR soapbox, and not mine, I won't crowd it. Above all things, to thine own self, be true. Keep the faith, Lieutenant.

As a devout Pagan living in the south, I know exactly how this man feels. I never even began fighting because I know it is futile. As far as I know Wicca is recognized as a religion in the US. I am not a Wicca, but its sad to see that and Atheist is treated worse than a Pagan. I think this guy did the right thing all the way through. And I hope to see some results from his battle in the future.

A true American Hero. Our freedoms must be fought for here at home. Iraq was not trying to take away our freedom, like some like to assert, However, our own government is, and this is only one example. Don't let officials scare you into giving away your freedom by asserting that it is for your own protection, it is not.

Thanks, U.S. Army.

It's really disgusting that Christianity is being used as inspiration for war. It says all throughout the Bible to go against war, and even if you have no other choice, not to hate the men you fight.. but you hear fools going into the military saying how we should bomb the entire middle east, how we should "slaughter the godless Muslims," how some would like to repeat the massacres of Vietnam...

It makes me sick to my stomach.

I spent three years of my life as an atheist. Even now, I'm unorthodox in my beliefs, and I feel for you. Anyone who "strays from the flock" in this country gets spat upon and cast aside by those around them, especially if one claims to have even remotely similar goals. It seems the only thing a mass of untempered hatred loathes more than its enemies, is a friend who is not totally like it.

i am amazed to se such a high level of intolerance towards common sense in United States. Here, in croatia, we have a so called secular state which is infested with catholic tradition and practices. Chruch has taken to big a role in politics. this, of course, shouldn't be so.
Just a hello from a fellow atheist from Croatia.

hang tight....

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